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We have suspended practices and competition until further notice.

Rugby is Safer than Other Contact Sports

The risk of injury in rugby is relatively low compared to American sports – such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse - a fact borne-out by numerous studies to ascertain the risk of sports injury in different activities.

- Lyle J. Micheli, MD
Past President of the American College of Sports Medicine

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Beginner's Guide to Rugby

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about rugby in this online guide.

Elmhurst Scholarship Project

Everyone Deserves to Play Rugby

Join community leader The Strength Agenda in funding a scholarship covering the cost of participation for middle school and high school students!

We recognize families are spending large amounts of money for their kids to play sports and the cost of participation isn't getting more affordable. Because Elmhurst Rugby encourages multi-sport athletes to play our fine sport and rugby is a sport for every child in your household, we are seeking Elmhurst community leaders and donors to help defray the cost of participation. BOTTOM LINE... WE BELIEVE EVERYONE DESERVES TO PLAY RUGBY!

If interested in making a donation or offering a sponsorship specifically intended to cover the cost of membership, please contact us to discuss specifics. Both anonymous and sponsored scholarships offered.

Visit our Scholarship Page for more details on how to support and apply for a scholarship.

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Business and Strategic Partners

We are searching for a select group of business and strategic partners interested in growing Elmhurst Rugby. Partners sought include corporate sponsors seeking a strong return on investment and strategic partners whose brand aligns well with mission and philosophy of Elmhurst Rugby. CONTACT US to get started.

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Register now for 2020 Contact Rugby. Three age groups include grades 9-12 (HS), grades 7-8 (MS Seniors) and grades 5-6 (MS Juniors).

We intend to field a Rookie Rugby team in our Spring League. Check back in February for details.


Our HS team has become very competitive after only three seasons of play, having finished 2nd place in the State Championships in 2018 and 3rd place in 2019.

Our MS team competed in its first season in Spring 2019 and showed great talent and promise, consisting primarily of 7th graders competing in a league combining seventh and eighth grades.

Elmhurst is quickly becoming a powerhouse in rugby!