Access Rugby

Access Rugby is a pilot program that utilizes occupational therapy (OT) methods with the movements and basic components of rugby to help athletes develop socially, emotionally, and physically.

Elmhurst Rugby is proud to partner with Access Sports Elmhurst to provide this program specifically designed for athletes with disabilities. The program involves modified rugby drills and skill-based games mixed with occupational therapy related activities, finishing each session with a NON-CONTACT rugby game. The sessions are physical and utilize tackle bags and hit shields to get the sensory input that many kids crave.

In occupational therapy, children use different kinds of mats and materials to run, climb, and crawl - providing deep pressure and muscle engagement that many children need to regulate themselves and function. These activities allow children with sensory processing difficulties the proprioceptive input they need to attend to directions, focus attention, practice skills and function together on a team.

Access Rugby is an innovative way to create a positive shared experience that can lead to increased confidence and success.