Membership Scholarship

Become a Scholarship Sponsor or Donor

Join community leader The Strength Agenda in funding a scholarship covering the cost of participation for middle school and high school students!

We recognize families are spending large amounts of money for their kids to play sports and the cost of participation isn't getting more affordable. Because Elmhurst Rugby encourages multi-sport athletes to play our fine sport and rugby is a sport for every child in your household, we are seeking Elmhurst community leaders and donors to help defray the cost of participation. BOTTOM LINE... WE BELIEVE EVERYONE DESERVES TO PLAY RUGBY!

If interested in making a donation or offering a sponsorship specifically intended to cover the cost of membership, please contact us to discuss specifics. Both anonymous and sponsored scholarships offered.

Athletes/Families Seeking Scholarships

Athletes interested in applying for a membership scholarship must submit via email a one-page, typed essay. If selected, there will be expectations of assisting the club with activities such as promotion (hanging flyers and signs) and attendance at recruitment events. The essay should answer the following question:

How will you anticipate using the values and lessons learned from the game of rugby to successfully benefit you in life?

Whether new to rugby or fully aware of the values of rugby and the life lessons to be gained from participation, it may be important to research these topics online. As a starting point, you may benefit from reviewing the following links:

  • World Rugby Organization Explains the Sport
  • Understanding Who Your Coaches Are and What They Value
  • Life Skills Gained from Rugby
  • Why Rugby Helps Children
  • Rugby Makes you Successful in the Corporate World
  • Why Rugby is an Inclusive Sport AND Has a True Hero of 09/11
  • Rugby's history is closely tied to military around the world and one club in the U.S. exemplifies this history, camaraderie, and values of rugby -- USMC Old Breed Rugby