Our Partners

Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Olympia is our Premier Partner and official provider of athletic training, chiropractic and physical therapy for the Elmhurst Rugby Club. Olympia and owners Mike and Pat Calcagno also provide assistance with growing rugby in the Elmhurst Community. Read more about Olympia Chiropractic or visit their website.

Pints of Elmhurst

Pints is the official rugby headquarters in Elmhurst and provides all rugby families, fans and enthusiasts the opportunity to view televised matches in a great, family-friendly environment. Showing their support not only for Elmhurst Rugby Club, but the sport we love so much, Pints is truly a remarkable partner in our Elmhurst Community. Read more about Pints or visit their website.

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions is the marketing and business partner for Elmhurst Rugby. A partnership with Strategic Solutions will ensure Elmhurst Rugby can grow our sport within and beyond the Elmhurst community. Read more about Strategic Solutions or visit their website.