2018 Registration

Drop-in registration on Saturday, December 9, from 1-4 PM.

Informational meetings scheduled for:

  • Monday, November 27 @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday, December 6 @ 6 PM

  • All events will take place at the Elmhurst Public Library

    Rugby is Safer than Other Contact Sports

    The risk of injury in rugby is relatively low compared to American sports – such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse - a fact borne-out by numerous studies to ascertain the risk of sports injury in different activities.

    - Lyle J. Micheli, MD
    Past President of the American College of Sports Medicine

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    Rugby Illinois Registration $50 (HS) & $40 (MS)
    Elmhurst High School Dues $300
    Elmhurst Middle School Dues (7/8th grades) $200
    Family Sibling Discount Full price for oldest child, additional siblings 1/2 off

    Annual Dues Include

    Dues will include match shorts and socks for first year players. All registered players will receive a training top. We intend to purchase other items for the club in 2018 as the budget permits. Match jerseys are provided, but owned by the club and not taken home by the athletes.

    Registration Instructions

    1) Email the club and let us know about your interest for playing.

    2) Register with Rugby Illinois through their website. Elmhurst Rugby is a member of Rugby Illinois (RIL) and USA Rugby. Registration through the RIL website will also register you with USA Rugby, both of which are an annual requirement. This fee is separate from club dues and required to participate in any rugby union events in the USA or across the world.

    3) Download, print and sign our participation and media waivers. Players under 18 years of age must have the waiver signed by their guardian.

    4) Bring a check to one of our board members or coaching staff. Online payment will be available in the near future.